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Grup olfactive

Esente parfumuri cumarina

Grup olfactiv: componente chimicale

Cumarina The name coumarin derives from French coumarou meaning "tonka bean". Coumarin, which was used by Paul Parquet in composition with Fougere Royal, is of synthetic origin. That means that it was not isolated from a plant, but made in a synthetic way, from such a prosaic material like coal tar. English chemicist William Henry Perkin was the one who discovered it in 1868.
Coumarin (benzopyrone) is a synthetic component which carries an intensive aroma of newly-mown hay. Together with lavender and oak moss it creates the base of fouguere fragrances - woody-grass aroma.
Coumarin is a chemical component which can be found in nature in composition of tonka bean,some sorts of grass...

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