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Grup olfactive

Esente parfumuri floare de coacaze negre

Grup olfactiv: florale

Floare de coacaze negre Black currant is a bushy plant that reaches 2 meters of height. It originates from Northern Europe and Asia. Black currant blossoms in the spring time, and pinky-white flowers appear together with leaves. The scent of flowers is rather similar to the scent of leaves and fruits , fresh and intensive, sweet with fruity nuance. There is a decorative variance of black currant with red flowers (Redflower currant or Ribes sanguineum) which originates from mountain parts of Mexico and California. This variance possesses the same olfactive characteristics like ordinary black currant.

Titlu in engleza: Black Currant Blossom

Parfumuri cu esenta, contin, miros de Floare de coacaze negre puteti gasii mai jos.

Parfumuri cu miros de floare de coacaze negre

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