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Grup olfactiv: florale

Trandafir Taif Taif Rose, Ward Taifi (Rosa damascena trigintipetala) is a sort of rose of Damascus, also known as Damask Rose. There are several variances of Damask Rose, such as Autumn Damask Rose (R. damascena sempervirens) and Damask Rose Kazanlik (also Rosa damascena trigintipetala). Damask Rose grows as a small, 1-2m, thorny bush with whitish hairy leafs, and pink and very fragrant 30-petal flowers. This rose is most commonly tied to Bulgaria and Turkey as countries of origin, or more precise, to Kazanlik valley in Bulgaria, where this rose is cultivated for over 300 years, and Isparta in Turkey.

It has never been completely cleared how the 30-petal Damask rose appeared in Taif. Due to its close resemblance to Kazanlik rose it has been suggested that Taif Rose was brought from Balkans by Turks, who occupied this area in the 14th century. However the rose Kazanlik, whose Turkish name means something like suitable for the (distillers) kettle has its origins in the Persian Rose plantations around Shiraz and Kashan. The legends say that this rose actually originates from India.

As Damask Rose is known by its deep and intensive fragrance in the west, the Taif Rose is famous by the same properties in the Arabian World. Taif Rose flowers, whose fragrance is even more intensive than fragrance of the Damask Rose, are harvested in April, in the early morning hours, because the buds bloom at dawn, and it is necessary to pick them before the Sun rises and the heat of day destroys the essential oils needed for production of rose water.

The authentic attar possesses unique and strong aroma and yellow, sometimes slightly greenish color (green color reveals bad quality). Despite the belief, the Taif Rose fragrance is not long-lasting on skin, as it is quickly absorbed. To produce one 11 grams bottle of attar, takes about 40.000 rose flowers, and this amount costs around US$400.

There are three ways to produce rose oil and absolute – steam distillation, solvent distillation and CO2 extraction. It is considered to be one of the most precious essential oils in aroma therapy, as it helps in depression treatment, as well as reduce nervous tension, and stress. It also helps with headache and insomnia, and as a powerful sexual tonic it helps in treatment of frigidity and impotence, and further more in reducing psychological problems of women in menopause. Applied on skin locally, it has mild antiseptic, antiflogistic and astringent effects. It also helps in treatment of burst capilars, herpes and eczema, and diminishes wrinkles and scars. It is suitable for nourishment of dry skin.

The oil of Taif Rose, above all, awakes positive emotions and is a common component of Arabian perfumes. It often comes as a sole fragrance named simply Ward Taifi, or combined with other precious fragrant materials, such as oud and amber.

Titlu in engleza: Taif Rose

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